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About Us

About The Studio:
Fee Fee Art Studio is a digital & virtual design studio specializing in original artwork & design.  We sell original artwork. Thank you for your support.

About The Artists:

Felicia V. Bland(Fee Fee) is an artist & photographer. She is the author of several photography books, Never Give Up! (Downtown T Town), Never Give Up! (URBAN), Never Give Up! (Pop URBAN); journals, Never Give Up! Creative Journals 1 & 2; poetry chap book series, poems 1-10 & her latest poetry book, “I Can’t Breathe...”. Check out her newest design book called Designs Book 1 2022 featuring her latest original artwork designs. Review the latest books below at the Blurb Bookstore.

She is the founder of a natural beauty company, Millie’s Best, that was named, in honor of her grandmother, Mildred, at

Felicia V. Bland(Fee Fee) is a graduate of Rider University. She spends her free time taking photographs around the Tri-State area of NJ, NY & PA. She has exhibited her artwork & photography at various galleries, in the region, ARTWORKS Main Art Gallery, BSB Art Gallery, Considine Art Gallery, Taplin Art Gallery & Silva Art Gallery,   For more of her current exhibits, artwork, books & gifts, please visit her on the web at, follow her on social media channels @feliciavbland, contact her at or text: (609) 474-0880.  Her books are exclusively sold at Blurb Bookstore at  

Her inspiration comes from colors, life, upliftment of people, her environment & nature. One of Felicia’s motto and life experience has been that being broken isn’t bad.  We can all heal, be authentic, move forward in life & honor our truth.  This come from the Japanese philosophy of Kintsugi; this is the art of repairing broken pieces with gold.  Honor your truth and be authentic, the world needs your brightness.



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