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Fee Fee Art Studio

Art For The Healing of The People

To My Beloved Artisans & Friends:

Artists are healers, thinkers, bridge makers, lovers & fighters.

Promoting healing through my artwork.

Thank You!
Felicia V. Bland

“I'd actually say that your ideas come from the art collective, those artists that you've always been interested in and figuring out what they would do in those situations. That's what an artist is anyway. He's just a single member of a collective, the whole generation that went before.” – Sam Gilliam

Art & Photography 


Public Exhibition Purposes Only 

(Currently Not For Sale)

We are taking an art sabbatical for the year 2023 & will return in the year 2024 for exhibits only.

Thank you to everyone for your support! 🙏

Downtown T Town Photography Series, 2019

Enjoy Our Downtown T Town Exhibition Series Below:

Downtown T Town 1, 2019

Downtown T Town 3, 2019

Downtown T Town 5, 2019

Downtown T Town 7, 2019

Downtown T Town 9, 2019


URBAN Art Deco Exhibit, 2022

URBAN Photography Series 1-10, 2019

Artist Bio:

Felicia V. Bland is a photographer, fiber artist, acrylic artist & works primarily with digital photography & acrylic painting. She employs filters to capture the essence of the photography. She strives to capture the authentic essence of the moment. The artist’s URBAN exhibit simply seeks to capture the Phoenix Spirit, destroying of the old to recreate the new, for the benefit of humankind, this is healing. The artist is striving to open up the gateway for difficult conversations on how community degradation, destroys all of humanity subconsciously. Difficult conversations are the 1st step in the process of healing for a community.

Urban Degradation versus Urban Renewal, who benefits from this system?

The URBAN series was shown previously in several statewide exhibitions.

Urban 1, 2019

Urban 3, 2019

Urban 5, 2019

Urban 7, 2019

Urban 9, 2019

Urban 2, 2019

Urban 4, 2019

Urban 6, 2019

Urban 8, 2019

Urban 10, 2019

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