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Respecting Diversity

Sometimes, we watch the news and we become numb to the current events.  The murders, riots, police brutality, pandemic, and deaths, really do “makes ya wanna holler”.  How can we cope and move forward toward healing and reconciliation?  We often are challenged as a society to understand diversity and the importance of respecting differences.  We are so unique, in so many ways, even when it comes to one’s racial identity.  When you consider the makeup of the universe, diversity is inherent in its nature.  Contemplate, how there is not one planet with the same characteristics as another.  Think of how the moon is different from the sun; the earth is different from the moon. Examine the differences in the makeup of the stars. On earth, study how the ocean is different from the land. Analyze, how the land is different from the sky.  In their variances, there is respect and harmony.  The sky is not jealous of the land.  The moon is not envious of the sun.  Whether its in this world or in outer space, everything works together for the greater good of life.


Miss Felicia V. Bland

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